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The Broads based Wind Energy Museum is staging the only public event in England to mark Global Wind Day on Monday 15th June.  The museum charts the history of wind power in Norfolk over its 200 year history and houses a unique collection of ten working exhibits, dating back to 1820.

A grant from EnterpriseGY, Great Yarmouth Council’s business support department is enabling a day of activities for school groups, whilst adult visitors can enjoy a free cream tea and guided tour. ‘We know how important wind energy is to our future,’ commented Museum Curator Debra Nicholson, ‘but few realise the important role wind energy played in our past. As well as Thurne Mill, we have wind pumps that once helped drain the Broads, and others that raised water from wells. We also have one of the earliest wind powered generators.’

Great Yarmouth is at the centre of the growing offshore wind energy sector and the Wind Energy Museum illustrates the rich local heritage from which this important sector has evolved.

The Wind Energy Museum sits on the bank of the River Thurne at Repps with Bastwick. For directions or to book in a group, call Debra Nicholson on 07796 407864


Global Wind Energy Day will see events taking place in more than 30 countries around the world. It’s organised by the Global Wind EnergyCouncil and European Wind Energy Association. The Wind Energy Museum is one of few events being staged in the UK. See:

For more information:

Debra Nicholson, Wind Energy Museum 07796 407864



Two Years and So Much Progress at the Wind Energy Museum

Over the past 2 years the development of the museum has been incredible.

When Debra started to list them out to share at a recent volunteers meeting she was simply bowled over

Here’s just some of the things from her list. Some really significant achievements here we can all be proud of:

• The Morse Room – sponsored by JPP Limited
• Model collection restoration
• Volunteers workshop
• Gates & fencing
• Clearance of large areas of the site ready for improvements
• Thurne Mill Abseil
• Setting up Social Media and a refreshed website
• Wallis Titt sails – almost there
• Monitor sails
• Monitor painting
• Start of the Lucas Freelite construction
• 1920’s Day
• Joining EEEGR
• EEEGR Open day
• Love the Broads funding for Thurne
• Snelling donation of the TV
• Increased Talks, group visits and schools
• School introduction pack

We’re sure there is much more, it seems amazing.  To our visitors, supporters and volunteers, thank you all very much .

Grant secured from ‘Love The Broads’ for Thurne Mill Information Boards

Love The Broads | Norfolk | www.lovethebroads.org.uk/

We were delighted to receive some exciting news from an organisation called ‘Love the Broads’ who have agreed to provide a grant for a special project at Thurne Mill.

Here at the museum we’ve been hoping to install some external information boards for visitors, walkers and tourists to find out more about the mill between open days. This important grant from ‘Love the Broads’ will make this ambition a reality and we can’t thank them enough for their support.

Thurne Mill is maintained solely by the volunteers of the Wind Energy Museum. From paint to metalwork, sails to carpentry, much of the required tasks requires significant funding. This is why the donations we receive from our visitors and supporters make such a big difference to the future of the mill.

From the ‘Love the Broads’ website:
“Love the Broads is funding an exterior interpretation board at Thurne Windmill which will have information about the windmill and the special environment in which it is located.”

As usual we’ll be keeping you updated on the progress we’re making with the design and installation of our new boards via our website, Facebook and Twitter.

More information about Thurne Mill.


  • Wind Energy Museum owner Debra Nicholson braved a unique waterwheel version of the Ice Bucket Challenge
  • Museum volunteers and friends joined the fundraising effort in aid of the MND Association on Saturday 30th August.
  • The event took place at the Wind Energy Museum
  • Locals wishing to take the challenge are welcome to book in at the museum for their chance to take part.
10610817_10204752957725999_1023856242188441608_nDebra Nicholson, owner of the Wind Energy Museum in Repps with Bastwick received an Ice Bucket Challenge nomination from her family and knew exactly how she wanted to take the plunge – under the large and fully operational scoop wheel on the site.
Word soon spread on social media about Debra’s plans and soon, volunteers and friends of
the museum decided to make a big splash too to support the MND Association.
One by one, some in fancy dress, the daring fundraisers took a seat under the impressive restored water wheel that the museum rescued from Whitlingham, where it would have been used at the si??????????????????????????de of a windpump to drain the marshes. Now it was providing a gushing stream of icy water, perfect for taking part in the online phenomen gathering momentum on Facebook and Twitter.
Debra said “It was great fun and I was so impressed with our volunteers who dropped everything to get a soaking for an important cause. Now we’ve dried off a bit we’ll all be donating to MND. I’m more than happy for anyone else who has been nominated to have a go at my version of the Ice Bucket Challenge here at the Museum.”

Anyone wishing to brave the waterwheel challenge is invited to call Debra on 07796 407864 or contact her via the Wind Energy Museum website www.windenergymuseum.co.uk



Wind Energy Museum:

Staithe Road, Repps with Bastwick, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk NR29 5JU. Contact Debra Nicholson: 07796 407864 /debra@windenergymuseum.co.uk. Website: www.windenergymuseum.co.uk
Debra also recently organised the Thurne Mill Abseil to fund the maintenance of this historic wind pump just a few miles from the museum itself.
From the Wind Energy Museum website:
UK’s premier wind heritage site dedicated to preserving the heritage of wind power past, present & future.
We are a small family run business situated in the heart of the Norfolk Broads, nestled on the Marsh in the sleepy village of Repps with Bastwick and Thurne Mill is just a short walk along the riverbank. We pride ourselves with a friendly, informative and personal service. The site is set in 2.75 acres in the rural village of Repps-cum-Bastwick it is very secluded with spectacular views and a relaxing feel.
Bob Morse, the founder of the museum had a lifelong devotion to windmills, wind power and other associated machinery, which thankfully created the only collection of its kind in the UK.
What is there to do?
• Open days
• Special events
• Group Visits
• Circular Walk along the river to Thurne
• A variety of illustrated Talks on site or at your venue
• Art & Craft Workshops
• School Visits
• Strawberry Cream Teas
• Guided Tours
• Exhibition room
• Model Windmills
• Volunteering opportunities
• Sponsorship Opportunities
• At Thurne Mill we offer
• An historic insight into early wind power and drainage
• Special events
• Open Days
• Informative talks

MND Association: Find out more about the organisation and the Ice Bucket Challenge on their website mndorganisation.org