Our History

One of the favourite exhibits is our scoopwheel which would have been positioned on the side of a traditional windpump and raised the water from the marshes into the river. It is now powered by an electric motor and the volume of water that this scoopwheel can move is very impressive.

History of the Collection

The late Mr Ronald Morse had a fascination with windmills and windpumps which dated back some 82 years.  Originating from Sussex from an engineering background, at the age of seven he was given a writing pad picturing a windmill on the front cover.  This was to lead to a lifetime of preservation and restoration.  In 1947 he purchased the then derelict white tower mill at Thurne in Norfolk, at a time when most were being knocked down for rubble and scrap.  This mill has featured in two BBC historical programmes over the past eighteen months and it is probably the most photographed mill in Britain.

Ronald Morse then began to collect derelict windpumps (The Morse Collection located at its present location at Repps with Bastwick).  The collection consists of several exhibits from the UK, America and Australia dating from the late 19th century to the early 20th centuries.

The Museum Today

Opened in April 2014 is our impressive educational/archive facility (The Morse Room) which includes many models of windmills and windpumps along with photographs and drawings.

The Morse Room is also available for hire, light meals can be arranged if required.

The museum is set in 2.75 acres and the views across the marshes and the Norfolk Broads create a relaxing environment for you to enjoy an informal guided tour, or a strawberry cream tea.

Repps with Bastwick | Norfolk The UK's premier wind heritage site dedicated to preserving the heritage of wind power past, present and future.

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