Two Years and So Much Progress at the Wind Energy Museum

Over the past 2 years the development of the museum has been incredible.

When Debra started to list them out to share at a recent volunteers meeting she was simply bowled over

Here’s just some of the things from her list. Some really significant achievements here we can all be proud of:

• The Morse Room – sponsored by JPP Limited
• Model collection restoration
• Volunteers workshop
• Gates & fencing
• Clearance of large areas of the site ready for improvements
• Thurne Mill Abseil
• Setting up Social Media and a refreshed website
• Wallis Titt sails – almost there
• Monitor sails
• Monitor painting
• Start of the Lucas Freelite construction
• 1920’s Day
• Joining EEEGR
• EEEGR Open day
• Love the Broads funding for Thurne
• Snelling donation of the TV
• Increased Talks, group visits and schools
• School introduction pack

We’re sure there is much more, it seems amazing.  To our visitors, supporters and volunteers, thank you all very much .